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Child Passenger Safety Week 2012

As parents and caregivers you want to keep our little ones safe, whether it’s at home, at play, or on the way. National Child Passenger Safety Week (September 16-22) is dedicated to ensuring you know exactly how to keep your precious cargo safe wherever you go.

The CDC reported that in 2009 alone, 1,314 children ages 14 years and younger died in motor vehicle crashes, and nearly 179,000 were injured. The reassuring thing is that you have the power to make a potentially lifesaving change and reduce those numbers by having your child in a proper child safety restraint.

From 1975 to 2009, an estimated 9,310 lives were saved by child safety restraints. Think about that for just a moment: almost 10,000 precious little ones in America now have the chance to grow up, thrive, and reach their full potential all because their car or booster seat kept them safe in a potentially fatal crash.

Car and booster seats have changed dramatically in the past 25 years. Today there is so much more of a variety, so it is important that you know which one is right for your child and your vehicle.

While the car or booster seat itself is extremely important, the way it is installed into your vehicle is just as important. Approximately 85-95% of car and booster seats are improperly installed in vehicles, and most parents don’t even know! Safe Kids conducts child safety seat checks all across the nation. Be proactive and learn to buckle up the right way. Find a child safety seat check near you by visiting

Don’t be afraid to pull the car or booster seats off the shelves, inspect the buckle, the handle, the weight limit, everything. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has a five-star rating system—the more stars a car seat has, the easier it is to use. Find it at  Look for a five-point safety harness, and check that straps are easy for you to adjust. Even pick it up; make sure it is sturdy.

September 16-22 is National Child Passenger Safety Week. Find your local Safe Kids coalition and to learn more about child passenger safety.




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