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Countdown 2: Drive (C2D) – This program is aimed at teens 13-14 years of age. C2D bring parents/ caregivers together to talk about issues soon to be faced by the teen as they and their friends will soon be beginning to drive. This program centers around facilitating communication between parents and teens related to motor vehicle safety, and enables shared development of family guidelines and rules. This program culminates in the development of a Passenger Agreement. This program is offered as a – program. CPS Technician certification- Installing a car seat can certainly try a parent’s patience. There are events happening all over the country where parents receive one-on-one personalized instruction in how to properly use their children’s car seats. You can join the team of over 33,000 certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and be a community advocate and resource in your community!
During the extensive interactive course, you will learn about crash dynamics, injury prevention strategies, child restraint selection and installation and vehicle occupant protection. The course, generally held over a four-day period, is taught through a combination of lectures, discussions, role-playing and hands-on practice with a wide variety of child restraint and vehicle belt systems.
As a CPS technician, you will put your knowledge to work through a variety of activities, including child safety seat checks where parents and caregivers receive education and hands-on assistance with the proper use of child restraint systems and seat belts.
If you are interested in joining over 33,000 technicians, attend a national CPS Certification course. To see what courses are available in your neighborhood, go to and click on FIND A COURSE.

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