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National Child Passenger Safety Week — September 2017

In the United States, motor vehicle–related injuries are a leading cause of death among children (1). In 2015, a total of 663 passenger-vehicle occupants aged ≤12 years died as a result of a crash (2), and nearly 132,000 were injured (1). Among the children who died in 2015, 35% were known to be unrestrained (2). To keep child passengers as safe as possible, drivers should use age- and size–appropriate restraints for all child passengers until adult seat belts fit properly (lap belts should lay across upper thighs, not abdomen, and shoulder belts should lay across the middle of the shoulder and chest, not the neck or face) and follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ child passenger safety recommendations (3). Children aged <13 years should be properly restrained in the back seat.(Source:

Safe Kids Wayne County

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1-13, according to the National Child Passenger Safety Board. But—many deaths and injuries can be prevented with proper use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

Getting safety information and car seat instructions to parents and caregivers is vitalto saving young lives.

That’s why Powell Harrelson with the Georgia Office of Highway Safety and Carol Irvin with Safe Kids Wayne County visited The Bridge to share information you can use to help make your commute with your little ones, safer.

Click ‘play’ to learn more about Child Passenger Safety Awareness week, the difference between a ‘baby seat’ and a ‘booster seat’, and why it’s not recommended that you put your child in a used car seat. Video courtesy of WSAV-TV 

Safe Kids Gainesville/Hall County

Safe Kids Gainesville/Hall County participated in two local events during CPS Week! A safety fair that was geared towards kids that held car seat checks and provided caregivers with educational information on  all safety areas. About 400 people came to the fair!

Safe Kids Coordinator, Erin Green, teamed up with her colleagues in the Trauma Department and provided caregivers with education on Child Passenger Safety and Distracted Driving at the Jackson EMC’s Annual Meeting. Approximately 5,000 people attended the meeting. 


Safe Kids Gainesville Hall County

Safe Kids Gwinnett

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, Mahwish Javed, Program Coordinator for Safe Kids Georgia, along with two interns attended the Public Safety Day at CoolRay Field in Gwinnett County. Kids learned about fire, bike, and car seat safety, while getting crazy hair designs by our two intern hair-stylists. Temporary tattoos were also given and parents received a check list for home fire safety.

Safe Kids Gwinnett Child Passenger Safety Week

Safe Kids Toombs County

During National Child Passenger Safety Week, Caresource was honored to partner with Safe Kids Toombs County, local law enforcement, Vidalia Fire Department and Paul Thigpen Chevrolet to host a car seat safety check. 

“We want all our kids under age 8 to be transported safely in car seats and booster seats that are properly installed. We applaud the parents and grandparents who stopped by to make sure their kids were safe.” -Seema Csukas, MD, PhD, FAAP, Medical Director for Caresource, Safe Kids Georgia Board Member

News coverage of the event by Southeast Georgia Today











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