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Special guest post by Safe Kids Georgia Intern, Bria Jackson

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” ― Confucius

The Safe Kids Georgia team was invited to tour Cobb County’s Safety Village which teaches its participants on how to react when faced with dangerous situations. The Safety Village, which is primarily for Elementary school aged children, is the most comprehensive safety training environment in the region.

The Cobb County Safety Foundation 501(c) 3 believes that education and training is the key to reducing risk and protecting communities. The development of the Safety Village has allowed educators to teach students at a greater scale thus spreading their information throughout Cobb County. They focus on teaching safety techniques, providing guidance on crime prevention, and administering a hands-on learning experience. The safety village has a child- sized representation of Cobb County which includes scaled- down trees, operative buildings, streets, traffic lights, and homes. Also, there is a car station available for parents and guardians that conduct thorough car seat inspections to ensure that the children are safe when riding in vehicles. The educators make learning safety information in a unique and unforgettable way by providing interactive demonstrations, hosting puppet show, and using other complex scenarios!

To learn more about Safety Village, visit their website by clicking here!


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