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On March 10th, Safe Kids Savannah, led by the Dwaine & Cynthia Willet Children’s Hospital of Savannah hosted an awards event to recognize the students and staff of three local middle and high schools for their involvement with Teens in the Driver Seat®.

Among the schools that received recognition for their efforts were Islands High School, Coastal Middle School, and Savannah Classical Academy. In addition to the students and teachers in attendance were Sam Wilson the Safe Kids Savannah Coordinator, Stacey Tisdale with Texas A&M Transportation Institute, as well as local Savannah news channels. Additionally, Safe Kids Georgia was recognized by Texas A&M Transportation Institute for setting the highest standards for traffic safety and support. The event was highly successful as it allowed an opportunity to recognize and thank these dedicated students for their outstanding efforts to promote teen driving safety among their peers.

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This post was prepared by Safe Kids Georgia Intern, Rory Croawell.

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