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With families spending more time at home there is an increased risk of accidental poisoning among children. However, adolescents and adults are at risk as well for using a product in the wrong way, by the wrong person or in the wrong amount.

Here are a few tips and recommendations to help prevent accidental poisonings in the home:

Household cleaning product:

  •  Keep products in their original containers
  • Make sure the lid is secured tightly
  •  Be aware of mixing your own cleaning supplies
    • Do NOT mix bleach with ammonia, vinegar or any other chemicals as it can create a dangerous gas that can cause coughing and serious breathing problems.
    • Try not to breathe in any cleaning products.
    • If using cleaning products indoors, open windows and doors to allow fresh air
  • Keep products up, away, and out of sight and reach

Cosmetics/personal care products:

  • Supervise children when using hand sanitizer. If consumed in a large amount, it can make a child drunk, lower their heart rate and affect their breathing.
  • Keep hand sanitizes up, away, and out of sight and reach.


  • Always relock the safety cap on medication bottles and put it away after each dose.
  • Read the labels and directions at every dose before giving the medication.
  • Be careful not to take any two or more medications with the same active ingredients.
  • For example, do NOT take Tylenol and a cold medicine that both contain acetaminophen.
  • Keep all medications, vitamins and supplements up, away, and out of sight and reach

Source: Georgia Poison Center

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