Please join us as we say goodbye to our Spring 2020 Interns! This was a unique semester for them and required flexibility at a heightened level.

Rory Croawell

University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2020

Favorite Project: My favorite project of this semester was the 2019 Annual Report. The other interns and I got to work as a team to analyze […]

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Fall-related injuries are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in children in the United States. Did you know the risk of a child suffering a fall-related injury at home is twice that of a fall-related injury occurring at a childcare facility? Make sure you know the risks and how to prevent falls at home!

For […]

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Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system — anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving (Source: NHTSA). Therefore, it comes as no surprise […]

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With the first week in April being Window Safety Week, here are 4 tips to keep your children safe around windows while at home!

Properly install window guards to prevent unintentional window falls.  For windows above the first floor, include an emergency release device in case of fire. Install Window Guards and Stops. Screens […]

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On March 10th, Safe Kids Savannah, led by the Dwaine & Cynthia Willet Children’s Hospital of Savannah hosted an awards event to recognize the students and staff of three local middle and high schools for their involvement with Teens in the Driver Seat®.

Among the schools that received recognition for their efforts were […]

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The Georgia Trauma Foundation and the Georgia Society of the American College of Surgeons hosted their annual meeting on Trauma Awareness Day at the Georgia Capitol on February 20th, 2020. The focus of the event was to showcase injury prevention efforts across the state, in addition to advocating for injury prevention with state legislators.

Safe […]

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Safe Kids Columbus, led by Piedmont Columbus Regional, participated in Dream Lives, an event honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Columbus GA Convention & Trade Center. The event was held on Saturday, January 18th and showcased a diverse selection of speakers, and presenters.

Among the speakers was Safe Kids Columbus […]

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Safe Kids Georgia would like to introduce you to our interns for Spring 2020.

We are very excited to have them on board!

Sarah Barkley

MPH Candidate, University of Georgia, May 2020

I am from Columbia, South Carolina and I am currently working towards my MPH […]

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Unintentional burn injuries are a significant risk in households, particularly for children. They have thinner skin than adults, which can result in more serious injuries from a burn or scald. With this week being National Burn Awareness Week, here are 5 quick tips to keep you and your family safe!

Create a Kid-Free Zone Teach […]

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With Super Bowl Sunday this past weekend, millions were glued to their television, whether it be to watch the game, judge the halftime performance, or even catch their favorite commercials. In recognition of National T.V. Safety Day, on February 1st, here are a few statistics to consider:


By contrast, only […]

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