Take a look at these simple tips to create a safer sleeping environment for your baby.

Because most infant suffocation occurs in the sleeping environment, babies should always sleep in a safe crib, bassinet or pack-n-play.Lay your baby on his or her back for every sleep.We know that stuffed animals, bumpers and all those cute […]

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October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month. What is SIDS and what can you do to reduce the risk?

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Protecting your Kids at Home

On January 28, 2015 By

Home is a safe place to grow, learn, and live. Of course, accidents happen, especially as kids grow and discover new things, and that’s OK. The problem is the more serious injuries that are often completely preventable. Here you’ll learn about some things you can do to help ensure that your kids get the freedom […]

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