When a child dies or is seriously injured the lives of families and entire communities are changed forever. Yet these tragedies don’t have to happen. The important thing to remember about unintentional injury is that 9 times out of 10, accidents are preventable. Often occurring in predictable ways, injury and deaths can be completely avoided with injury prevention education, awareness advocacy, and proper equipment usage.

We believe that losing one child is one too many! That’s why we’re calling on communities to come together, to raise awareness and most importantly, become involved. Our tenet is that every child should have a chance to grow up healthy and safe from accidental injury.

Safe Kids Georgia has been proudly led by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 30+ years.



As of August 2018, 30 agencies have adopted Safe Kids with the primary purpose of providing injury prevention programming to children 19 and under within individual Georgia counties. Emanating from public health, hospital, fire, EMS and law enforcement departments; these agencies also known as coalitions agree to make available a Health Educator also known as the Safe Kids Coordinator that is dedicated to providing direct services to children and their families. As part of their responsibility, the coordinator educates children and families on prevention, provides community public awareness and instruction on the proper use of safety equipment as well as product distribution.

Safe Kids Georgia and the individual coalitions strive to promote both attitudinal and behavioral changes, as well as advocating for new laws that ensure all kids are safe from accidental injury.


Safe Kids was established solely to prevent unintentional childhood injury recognizing that more children ages birth to 19 die from accidents such as motor vehicle crashes, drowning, and falls than in any other cause. Annually, accidents kill one million children throughout the world and permanently disable many more.

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