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Safe Kids Georgia offers safety programs in 7 focus areas: Vehicle and Road, Fire, Water, Wheeled Sports, Home, Sports, and Pedestrian Safety.

The types of programs offered by each Coalition depend on their specific needs and resources. Each Coalition receives a Community Needs Assessment from Safe Kids Georgia that will include comprehensive injury data used to decide which safety programs would be most beneficial to their individual county.

Demographic data determines the most appropriate coalition programs to offer within the community. In the instance of a county with large bodies of water, there would typically be a greater emphasis on drowning prevention initiatives. Although programs vary across Coalitions, the mission remains the same in which to prevent unintentional injury, the number one cause of death to children birth to 19 years of age.

Vehicle and Road Safety

Vehicle and Road Safety programs educated caregivers on best practices and proper installation of child restraints in addition to teaching older children about distracted driving.

Teens In the Driver Seat

Georgia Car Seat Safety Guide

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety programs focus on demonstrating and educating children, caregivers, and professionals on how to prevent injuries from fires, burns, and smoke inhalation.

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Water Safety

Water Safety programs aim to prevent drowning at home, in pools, or other bodies of water through safety education and personal flotation device distribution.

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Wheeled Sport Safety

Wheeled Sports Safety programs consist of safety demonstrations and helmet distributions that inform children, caregivers, and professionals on road safety and how to properly fit a helmet.

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Home Safety

Home Safety programs educate caregivers in making their home in a safer place. The programs focus on poisonings, falls, TV tip overs, choking, and safe sleep.

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Sports Safety

Sports Safety programs give players, caregivers, and coaches the knowledge and skills essential to preventing injuries in young athletes.

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Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety programs not only teach behavioral skills to drivers and pedestrians, but also create safer, walkable communities by providing environmental modifications to high-risk locations.

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