Once babies take their first steps, there’s no stopping them. Toddlers delight in using their new walking super power as much as possible, and, as kids get older, they crave the freedom and independence of walking to school and playing outside.

As soon as kids are on the move, parents need to start talking […]

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It’s the first week of August and kids are heading to back to school! This is a busy time for children and families. Between school supplies, new clothes and sports tryouts, parents may not think about safety issues.  During back to school time, Safe Kids Georgia wants to remind parents and caregivers to talk to […]

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It’s that time of year again! However your child chooses to get to and from school, it is important to stay safe during the journey. When it comes to safety, pedestrians, bikers, and drivers should always keep a close eye on the surrounding environment and follow traffic signals.

 Did You Know? In the United States, 61 […]

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