Teen Driving Safety

To promote teen driving safety a collaboration was established with the Georgia Department of Transportation and Texas A&M Transportation InstituteTeens in the Driver’s Seat® (TDS) is a year-long peer-to-peer safe driving program focuses on traffic safety and addresses all major risks for teens.


To become a 2020-21 Middle or High School participant, follow these easy steps:


1. Access the Teens in the Driver’s Seat® Registration form

2. Be sure to click SUBMIT to send over your form.

3. Once your registration form is received, your free educational kit will be sent to school.


Car crashes kill more young people than any other cause, accounting for nearly half of all teen deaths in America each year. (WISQARS)  Last school year in Georgia, nearly 80 middle and high schools participated in TDS peer-led activities.  The program is 100% free with educational resources delivered right to your school to educate, empower and encourage safe driving and traffic safety.  Georgia schools have the opportunity to compete for the TDS All-Stars Awards the premiere incentive that offers eligibility of funding and cash prizes for the top schools.

Visit www.t-driver.com to learn more about this award-winning programming and resources.
If you’d like to refer a school to register, please contact:

Debbie Mekonnen | devorah.mekonnen@choa.org


Participant Testimonials:

“Islands High School, Teens in the Driver Seat is happy to begin the 3rd year of our program! We have 17 returning members and have added 23 new students so far this year!” – Ms. Shiley, LMSW, Islands HS

 “Thank you for letting  us know that Monroe Co. is 7th on the crash county list for the state. We want to do something about this and would love to include our JROTC cadets in this project.” – Mary Person HS JROTC Army Cadets


Georgia Law and Teen Driver Safety


In 2007, the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA) established a graduated driver’s license program in Georgia. This means that teen drivers must go through three steps to obtain a Full Class C Driver License. At age 15, teens can obtain an Instructional Permit by passing a written exam but can only drive when accompanied by a passenger that is at least 21 years old. An intermediate Class D Driver License is granted to drivers between ages 16 and 18 who have had an Instructional Permit for 12 months and passed a driving test. Additionally, teens must complete Joshua’s Law or wait until they are 17 to obtain a Class D Driver License. This license has time restrictions, which prevent teens from driving between midnight and 5 a.m. Passenger restrictions can also be found through the Georgia Department of Driver Services at www.dds.georgia.gov/teen-drivers. A Full Class C License is given at age 18 as long as the driver does not have any major traffic convictions during the previous 12 months.

Georgia’s distracted driving laws prohibit text messaging and handheld cellphone use for all drivers.