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The Safe Kids Georgia team is thrilled to welcome our Spring 2017 Interns! Both are from the University of Georgia and have a passion for keeping Georgia’s children free from accidental injury.

Robert Breazu
Growing up in both Romania and right here in Georgia, I have had the opportunity to live within a few different communities and experience vastly different conditions. Combined with my interest in science and my undergraduate studies in Biology and Psychology, this has pulled me strongly into the fields of Public Health and Health Promotion. Having worked as a pharmacy technician, I know what it is like to feel powerless as a provider ­­– giving people their next batch of pills, but not really helping to change their lives for the better. I hope that my time at Safe Kids Georgia will both help me build the necessary skills and actively participate in work that will improve communities and promote healthy childhoods, helping them live better lives in the moment rather than waiting for problems to appear in the future.


A’Ja Johnson
My hometown is the small, rural city of Barnesville, GA, where I graduated from Lamar County High School. Currently, I’m a senior at the University of Georgia completing a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion. Although I welcome any learning experience within the field of public health, the areas I am most passionate about are serving underrepresented communities and eliminating health disparities. I aspire to engage with low-income communities and help empower individuals in their ability to make choices for the betterment of their health. Currently, I am completing an internship with Safe Kids Georgia for Spring 2017. I am looking forward to gaining valuable experience in regards to developing and tailoring educational materials, writing grants, designing questionnaires, performing needs assessments, and planning, implementing, and evaluating programs. Overall, it is my hope that my efforts to modify how we frame information about preventable childhood injuries will increase awareness, change perceptions, and help create environments where children can live to their full potential.






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