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 Safe Kids Georgia would like to introduce you to our interns for the summer of 2018. We are very excited to have them on board!

Anna Wright

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2018

I am interested in working with unintentional injury prevention in children because I strongly believe that prevention is key. I think Safe Kids Georgia is a great organization that will allow me to expand my knowledge on ways to prevent injuries. This summer I will be helping out the Safe Kids team compute data, write blog posts, represent Safe Kids at events and many more. I am particularly excited about learning grant writing and the marketing aspect of Safe Kids. I look forward to growing this summer and becoming a part of the Safe Kids Georgia team!

Interests: cooking and baking, hanging out with friends, working out, DIY crafts, gardening


Apoorva Kommajosula

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion w/ emphasis in Health Services, May 2019

I currently work for the operations of the Trauma Program at CHOA. I will be helping the Trauma Program prepare for Pediatric Trauma Center verification by the American College of Surgeons. Overall, I am excited to be working at Safe Kids this summer because I truly believe in their mission to decrease injuries and tragedies faced by children, especially when they could be prevented. I look forward to learning more through this experience and really being part of the team. I believe what we do makes an ultimate difference in children’s lives and it is important to do what we can to continue to keep our future generations safe!

Interests:  hanging out with my friends and family, going to various restaurants to try new foods from different cultures, and singing


Nadim Shake

2nd Year MPH candidate, University of Georgia, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, December 2018

Speech w/ minor in Sociology, Georgia State University, December 2015

I love working with/ for children, so Safe Kids was a natural choice for me. I will be working on program development & grant writing. Safe Kids has a healthy balance of team and individual work, which is an ideal equilibrium in public health.

Interests: cooking, photography, traveling and reading personal-development book


Sydney Csukas

Junior, University of Georgia, Marketing & International Business, May 2020

I have grown up in a family dedicated to child safety so working at Safe Kids was a great fit for me! No family should have to go through the loss of a child from a preventable injury. I truly believe communicating best practices and safety tips goes a very long way in keeping kids safe! I am currently assisting with current and future Safe Kids marketing endeavors.

Interests: reading, cooking, traveling, and volleyball


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