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Safe Kids Cherokee County hosted Safety Town, a camp that educates young students on various safety measures. Since 2002, the summer camp averages 240 five-years-olds and educates kids on water, animal, poison, bus, bicycle, car, pedestrian and stranger safety. The summer camp is held at a local elementary school and led by the Program Director, Ashley Arp, the Cherokee County Police, Fire Department and dedicated Volunteers.Safety Town Cherokee

Each day is designated to focus on a specific safety topic with educational material, interactive games and crafts. For example, for bus, pedestrian and traffic safety, kids are educated on these safety skills, and then practice these behaviors by riding around Safety Town in toy cars. In this case, Safety Town participants transitioned outside to experience the simulation of a real “town” with mini buildings including a bank, town hall and police station.Safety Town Cherokee

At the end of each day, parents are provided feedback from the child’s team leader and given take home material with practice questions for the parents to ask their kid relating to the safety topic of that day. For example, kids are educated on traffic lights and should be able to recognize and explain the three colors. Parents are encouraged to ask the prompt questions such as, “What are the three colors on a traffic light? What does each color mean?” This allows students to retain the information not only at the camp, but also incorporating these safety skills at home. Safety Town is a great learning experience for students and helps expand their knowledge regarding various safety topics.

Safety Town Cherokee

For more info visit: Cherokee County Safety Town

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By Anna Wright, Safe Kids Georgia Intern


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