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Tomorrow, October 13th, is Home Fire Drill Day. Take the time to go over a few quick things with your whole family that could save their lives.

Every Second Counts– Plan Two Ways Out

Home Fire Drill

  • Draw a map of your home.

    Include all windows and doors. Create a complete home escape plan.

  • Find two ways out of every room.

    Go to each room in your home and point to the two ways out. It is important to plan at least two ways out of every room in case fire or smoke is blocking one way out.

  • Make sure you can use all your ways out.

    Test all possible ways out. Make sure all windows and doors can be opened easily from the inside. This includes barred doors and windows. Choose security bars that have easy-to-use quick-release devices. Make sure everyone in the home can open them.

  • Make sure your doors and windows are not blocked.

    Remove anything that could stop you from getting out. Clearing the areas will allow a quick escape.

  • Choose an outside meeting place in front of your home.

    Have an outside meeting place that is a safe distance away at the front of your home. This will help the firefighters find you. The meeting place should be something that will not move, such as a tree or a light pole.

  • Go over your plan with everyone in your home.

    It is important to include everyone in your home when making your home fire escape plan. Choose a time when everyone is home and have a meeting to go over the plan. It is also important to talk about your plan with overnight guests.

  • Plan to assist anyone who needs help getting outside.

    There might be special considerations to be made for a young child, an older adult, or a person with a disability. Assign someone to help them get outside.

  •  Test your smoke alarms to be sure they are working.

    If the smoke alarm does not sound when tested, install a new battery. If it still does not work, replace the alarm. Make sure everyone in the home knows the sound of the smoke alarm.


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 For access to basic fire prevention resources, please visit: 

This post was adapted from the Georgia Unified Community Risk Reduction Guide

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