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This post was written by Safe Kids Georgia Intern, Elizabeth Murphy.

This fall, I joined the Safe Kids Georgia team as an Intern. The position has many supportive roles to the organization and learning opportunities. Recently, I attended a Safe Kids Georgia event that was held at Cobb County Safety Village. It was a unique experience that makes me look back to reminisce about how safety was taught when I was growing up. I can say back then I was taught fire, home, and sports safety through various activities in school and around my community. Learning about safety has not changed much, but the focus areas have expanded. Cobb County Safety Village is a place that gives hands-on experiences to students daily.

This simulated educational village is comprised of reduced scale buildings, streets, and even a railroad! Through its many partnerships, the village has expanded to become an integral part of a profound learning experience for children of Cobb County. The village has supreme quality, safety education, and training available customized for young learners. The instructors are dedicated Fire Fighters and Police Officers that are able to walk anyone through a simulation of role-playing scenarios for hands-on education. As a tour of the village was facilitated, the instructors were able to apply firsthand knowledge and expertise into the simulations.

This is an amazing safe environment to extend learning and practice what students are being instructed. Involving them in the learning process will help with overall retention of safety tips to take home and share their parents. Another special part of Cobb County Safety Village is that it also has meeting space, classrooms, a theater, and serves as the Safe Kids Cobb County Coalition office.

Learn more about Safe Kids Cobb County and Cobb County Safety Village and injury prevention resources available to the community.

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