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The Georgia Trauma Foundation and the Georgia Society of the American College Surgeons had their annual meeting at the Georgia State Capitol on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019. This year’s focus and agenda was centered on Injury Prevention and the day was filled with various activities including a morning briefing, followed by the opportunity to meet State Representatives to advocate for injury prevention. After meeting several representatives, there was an Injury Prevention Luncheon in the Floyd Room which included a full program with a host of influential speakers.

It was amazing to see so many health care organizations and community sectors collaborate together from different fields including doctors, nurses, public health experts, politicians, along with Safe Kids Coalition Coordinators all joining to support preventing injuries around the state.

One touching moment during the program included a testimonial from a Mother and Daughter who shared their story and experience as crash survivors from 2016. While the Daughter underwent multiple surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation process, the accessibility of many skilled medical professionals impacted her satisfactory recovery. Months before her accident, the young survivor wrote a student bill to increase funding for trauma centers across Georgia and expressed before many representatives that “you never think that it could happen to you.” She certainly realized firsthand the urgency in the bill that she was presenting. This message resonated significantly with the attendees and served as a reminder of the importance of our trauma centers and injury prevention awareness.

Gathering, sharing and committing together we could have better and sustainable results.

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This post was put together by Safe Kids Georgia Intern, Maria Britez.

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