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Last month, two high school students from Pepperell High School attended the Injury Prevention Day at the Georgia State Capitol. Eva Ellenburg and Kaitlyn Morgan have been dedicated student advocates of teen driving safety and active participants in the Teens in the Driver’s Seat® program. Currently, they hold leadership positions as Teen Advisory Board members in this peer-to-peer program. During the Injury Prevention Luncheon, both students had the opportunity to speak to attendees about their passion for promoting teen driving safety around their school campus.

As sophomores they recognize the importance of developing safe driving practices even at a young age. Their student group is continually thinking of new ideas to help peers understand the importance of the top teen driving risks which include night/drowsy driving, speeding/racing, distractions, low seat belt use and impaired driving.

The creativity of the students at Pepperell High School is what hugely makes a difference in increasing awareness for this age group. In December 2018, the student group utilized their school hallway to simulate the risks of black ice and the need to maintain safe night time driving free from distractions.

Schools are encouraged to bring traffic safety education to your middle/high school. Register your school today to be a 2018-19 participant in this peer-to-peer safe driving program. Learn more about our collaborative partnership and check out all the details on starting Teens in the Driver Seat® at your school: Get Involved!

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