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 Safe Kids Georgia would like to introduce you to our interns for  Summer 2019. We are very excited to have them on board!

Amina Omar

MPH candidate, University of Georgia, Health Promotion & Accounting, May 2021

I am from Duluth, Georgia. I am working towards my Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and Accounting. Initially, I was interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics because of my interest in children’s health, but I steered away from the clinical route. I chose Safe Kids Georgia because it will allow me to learn about child safety and the different aspects of injury prevention. Children are the future of tomorrow, so it is important for us to focus on their health and safety. This internship is a great opportunity that fits well with my interests and allowed me to focus on injury prevention in children while also working with a non-profit organization.

Interests: reading, spending time with family, knitting, and traveling

Bridgette Fox

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, August 2019

I am from Douglasville, Georgia and I am working towards my bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy and Management. My interest in injury prevention stems from my passion for sports and concussion prevention. I’ve seen firsthand the negative short and long term impacts concussions can have on an individual. The mission of Safe Kids Georgia really rings true for me and injury prevention is paramount in keeping children safe and healthy. Teaching children and their parents safe habits while they are young, in sports and in many other areas, will have lasting impacts on their families.

Interests: Georgia Football, attending concerts, hiking

Debbie Mekonnen

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2019

  I am from Smyrna, Georgia and I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Behavior. Growing up, I have always been interested in improving health outcomes among children and adolescents. I chose to work at Safe Kids Georgia because its mission to prevent unintended injury among children aligned with my passion to improve the lives of children throughout Georgia. I will be responsible for coalition development and grant writing among other things throughout my time at Safe Kids. I anticipate this internship will enhance my knowledge in public health and guide me in my future endeavors. With that being said, I am excited for all the great things I will be doing at Safe Kids!

Interests: reading, exercising, traveling, and spending time with friends/family

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