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In collaboration with our partners at Teens in the Driver’s Seat® last semester students across the state had the opportunity to take part in the 7th annual Zero Crazy activity to increase seat belt use around their school campus. High school student teams were asked to observe teen drivers and passengers and log if they did or did not have their seat belt fastened. Middle school student teams were asked to observe teen passengers and log seat belt use. Twenty-nine schools were involved in this program initiative. We are pleased to announce that 6 Georgia schools were award recipients and 2 were Safe Kids Georgia raffle winners. The following recipients were: Toombs County High, Pepperell High School, Lovejoy High School, Statesboro High School, Chattahoochee High School, and Island High School. We are extremely proud of these schools as they continue to implement safe driving practices.

Check out more information from the Zero Crazy Fall 2019 Seat Belt Results.

Now that we are at the start of the spring semester and approaching prom season, we invite you to bring driving safety education to your middle or high school. Register your school today to be a 2019-20 participant in this peer-to-peer safe driving program.

Send in your registration form now and begin planning outreach activities for your school!

Check out all the details on starting Teens in the Driver Seat® at your school: Get Involved!

Teens in the Drivers Seat 19-20 Registration Form 

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