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Last week the Safe Kids Georgia team joined New Generations Child Development Center’s Daycare Health Fair to educate children and parents about home, bike, water, poisoning, and car seat safety. New Generations Child Development is a daycare center that serves families working for Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Emory Healthcare, or Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, along with other families of the community. Approximately 60 parents and children joined us to learn more information on creating a safer environment, both at home and out in the community.

home safety game

To teach children about home safety, an interactive Safe House that shows children what is considered safe and unsafe in the home was on display. Here, they learned about several instances that may cause them harm or injury, while also having fun!

Educational materials were distributed regarding bicycle safety, poisoning and medication safety, drowning prevention, safe sleeping tips, suffocation prevention, and child passenger safety.


As children grow through different stages of mental and physical development, it is important to keep them safe while at home. Creating a safer home environment for children can be quick and easy! Here are a few tips for parents:

  • Install smoke detectors on every level. Test them monthly.
  • Create and practice your family escape plan.
  • Post emergency numbers including 911 and poison control. Teach children how to call.
  • Keep stairs and walkways clutter- free.
  • Drain standing water immediately including tubs, buckets, and sinks. Fence pool areas.
  • Lock household cleaning supplies, medicines, and other potential poisons high and out of reach from children.
  • Actively supervise kitchen and bathroom areas during play time.
  • Adjust water heater to 120° Fahrenheit or less.

Be sure to watch for the new skills that your child is learning, along with the new places he/she can reach, to allow for proper adjustments to the home! To learn more information about different safety areas, please follow the links below:


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