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On Friday, March 29th, Safe Kids Georgia had the pleasure of hosting their Coalition Resource Meeting alongside Mike Klumpp from ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma. The meeting was held at the Honda Rider Education Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, and it was an enlightening experience!

Mike Klumpp, a licensed ATV RiderCourse Chief Instructor at the ATV Safety Institute, offered his subject matter expertise and conducted a “Train the Trainers” course for Safe Kids Georgia Coalition Coordinators. Before the course began, Mike administered a pre-test to see how much everyone knew about ATVs and ATV safety. During the course, the coordinators got the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about ATV safety in a span of four hours! Mike went over ATV road rules and most importantly, ATV etiquette and safety. Throughout the course, he reiterated that the most significant piece of equipment one can wear is a helmet, and that most ATV-related deaths could be prevented if individuals did not forgo them.          

            After a few intense hours of information and heartbreaking stories about ATV-related accidents, Mike led the Coalition coordinators outside and demonstrated the proper way to put on a helmet and ride an ATV. He also encouraged participants to use the Honda facility to train and become licensed instructors.

   Towards the end of the event, several coordinators spoke to highlight their gratitude for the course. One coordinator shared:

“The class was great and very educational. The instructor did a nice job at getting everyone involved.”

       Overall, the “Train the Trainers” course was a huge success, and Mike beautifully conveyed the importance of ATV safety.

To learn more about ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma, visit their website, or Facebook page.

To learn more about the ATV Safety Institute, visit their website.

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