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Annie Ndolo

MPH Candidate (May 2020), University of Georgia, Epidemiology

Favorite Project: Personally, I enjoy statistics, so my favorite project during my time at SKG was gathering data for our coalitions’ Community Needs Assessments. I got to search the DPH’s OASIS database for the incidence of seven specific unintentional injuries and compile it for our coordinators’ easy reading!

Favorite Event: By far, the October’s Safe Sleep event was my favorite! I went to CHOA’s Hughes-Spalding campus and had the opportunity to meet some cool and fun doctors and public health professionals for the day. Read more about the event here!

Skills I learned:

(1) Appreciation for coworkers

(2) Adaptability

(3) Time-management

Next Steps: I am applying to medical school next year with the intention of pursuing a career as a surgeon.


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