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Unintentional burn injuries are a significant risk in households, particularly for children. They have thinner skin than adults, which can result in more serious injuries from a burn or scald. With this week being National Burn Awareness Week, here are 5 quick tips to keep you and your family safe!

  1. Create a Kid-Free Zone
    • Teach younger children to stay at least 3 feet away from your cooking space. If you need to watch babies while cooking, place them in highchair outside of the kid-free zone where you can see them.
  2. Use the Back Burner and Oven Mitts
    • Kids love to reach, so to prevent hot food or liquid spills, simply use the back burner of your stove and turn pot handles away from the edge. Keep hot foods away from the edge of your counters.
  3. Childproof Your Appliances
    • Keep appliance cords out of children’s reach, especially if the appliances produce a lot of heat. Keep an eye on appliances such as irons, curling irons or hair dryers that can heat up quickly or stay warm after use. Unplug these items after you’re done.
  4. Check Your Water Temperature
    • Before placing your child in the bath, check the water temperature with the inside of your wrist. The water should feel warm to the touch, not hot. Consider installing anti-scald devices in water faucets and shower heads to avoid potential burns
  5. Teach Older Children How to Cook Safely
    • Don’t allow children to use a microwave by themselves until they are tall enough to reach it safely and are able to understand that steam can cause burns. Teach them never to leave the kitchen while they are using the stove or oven.

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This post was prepared by Safe Kids Georgia Intern, Cameron Thomas.

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