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Safe Kids Georgia would like to introduce you to our interns for Spring 2020.

We are very excited to have them on board!

Sarah Barkley

MPH Candidate, University of Georgia, May 2020

I am from Columbia, South Carolina and I am currently working towards my MPH at the University of Georgia. In the future, I aspire to have a career that allows me to continue to work in children’s health, specifically either in injury prevention or disease control. With the rise of several new health issues surrounding younger populations, I hope to have a constantly evolving career that allows me to work to improve health outcomes and be a leader in children’s health. While working with Safe Kids Georgia I am excited to continue to develop my data analysis and presentation skills. Drawing conclusions from data and communicating them clearly is so important to public health because it allows others to understand and care about the issues at hand.

Interests: running, playing with my dog, traveling

Cameron Thomas

University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2020

I am from Acworth, Georgia. I am working towards my Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and Behavior. In the future, I hope to have a career that allows me to become a leading voice in preserving and promoting maternal, child, and family health. I hope my career is one that is constantly evolving to where I can positively impact my population of interest in a variety of public health settings. At Safe Kids Georgia I hope to learn how to become a more effective health communicator and grow in my understanding of how to relay health information. Through my education at the University of Georgia I have learned that information is only worth as much as what your target population understands and retains. I am very excited to work with Safe Kids Georgia this semester and to use this internship as a means to improve my health communication skills.

Interests: DJ’ing, thrift shopping

Rory Croawell

University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2020

I am from Johns Creek, Georgia and I am working towards completing a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Behavior. I have always had an interest in public health and improving health outcomes, and I am excited for the opportunity to accomplish this while interning with Safe Kids Georgia. I am excited to be interning with Safe Kids Georgia because I am passionate about the role they play in prevention. As a future health promotion specialist, I understand the need for primary prevention strategies in order to improve the health of my local community. With that being said, I hope that this internship will allow me to use my knowledge of public health to impact children and adolescents across the state of Georgia. I am very excited for my work to come with Safe Kids Georgia!
Interests: attending concerts, running, playing with my dogs


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