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Fall-related injuries are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in children in the United States. Did you know the risk of a child suffering a fall-related injury at home is twice that of a fall-related injury occurring at a childcare facility? Make sure you know the risks and how to prevent falls at home!

  • For younger children and infants, it’s important to use the safety straps properly on high chairs, swing seats, and strollers.
  • If your infant is in a carrier, be sure to place the carrier on the floor, not on a table or other elevated surface.
  • Walkers don’t come with safety features that prevent them from rolling down the stairs or getting away from a child holding onto it, so be sure to install gates around staircases and to always keep an eye on a child using a walker. Ideally, try using a stationary activity center that allows your child to practice movement more safely.
  • Prevent slips on hard floors by putting down anti-slip rugs, and try using mats in bathtubs and showers to prevent slips on those wet surfaces.
  • Encourage children running or playing around the house to be responsible and aware of their surroundings; picking up toys off the floor and limiting running to the yard will help reduce accidental falls and potential injuries.

For more information on falls and preventing fall-related injuries, visit the CDC’s Home and Recreation Safety page!

This post was prepared by Safe Kids Georgia, Sarah Barkley.

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