It is important to ensure your child is well hydrated when they participate in sports year long, but during the hot, humid summer months in Georgia hydration needs to be highlighted!

Dehydration occurs when a body loses more water than it takes in. During sports play and practice, this happens through sweating. Higher heat […]

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Did you know that more than 3.5 million children ages 14 and under get hurt playing sports or participating in recreational activities each year? Additionally, high school athletes account for nearly 2 million injuries and 500,000 doctor visits each year!

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month, so this is an excellent time […]

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On Saturday, January 26th, Safe Kids Georgia had the pleasure of attending Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s first Concussion Conference at the Hellenic Community Center. Dr. Andrew Reisman, a Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, opened the conference by introducing the audience to a father who shared a story about his son’s life-changing concussion. After […]

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With the school year in full swing now, your young athletes will be heading back to sports practice after school. Make sure they stay safe at practice, by going over this checklist with them! 

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National Bike Safety Month

On May 12, 2014 By

May is the perfect time for enjoying the outdoors and bike riding with your family. Riding a bike is a great way to get kids outside and encourage them to stay active, but without precautions in place, it can be a cause of serious injury.

Did you know that every two minutes, a child […]

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Springing into Sports

On February 19, 2014 By

As hard as it is to believe with last week’s snow storm, spring is just around the corner. That means kids will be breaking free of the indoors for some much needed sunshine and fresh air. With the beginning of spring comes the start of soccer, softball, lacrosse and other sports seasons. Kids will also […]

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