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On Saturday, January 26th, Safe Kids Georgia had the pleasure of attending Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s first Concussion Conference at the Hellenic Community Center. Dr. Andrew Reisman, a Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, opened the conference by introducing the audience to a father who shared a story about his son’s life-changing concussion. After his story concluded, the conference transitioned into a series of sessions. These sessions addressed topics such as the pathophysiology of concussions, returning to school and sports after a concussion, and the future of prevention/protection. Keynote speaker Steve Wallace also spoke about his experience with concussions during his time in the NFL.

Attending the concussion conference was a life-changing experience and it allowed the Safe Kids Georgia Interns to better understand the impact that concussions have on children and their families. Throughout the conference, it was reiterated that what may seem like a mild headache can actually be a mild concussion. Therefore, it is extremely important for children active in sports to take the proper precautions whenever they feel discomfort in their heads. Overall, we were extremely excited to attend the conference with other vendors throughout Georgia, and we look forward to similar opportunities.

By Zoe Eberhardt, Safe Kids Georgia Intern

To learn more about the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Concussion Conference visit their website!

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