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What is Safe Kids Day?
Safe Kids Day is an annual fundraiser presented by Nationwide Insurance that aims to celebrate kids and raise awareness about keeping kids safe from preventable injuries.

Why is it important?
Most people are surprised to hear that the #1 leading cause of death among children ages 0-19 is unintentional injuries such as car crashes, drowning, falls, fires, unintentional firearm-related injuries, and suffocation. As a result, awareness about and prevention of these injuries have the power to save children’s lives.

Safe Kids Day 2015 – Safe Kids Georgia State Office
The State Office had an amazing experience partnering with the Children’s Museum in Atlanta on their annual Safety Circus event on April 14th. We managed three stations—Poison, Bike, and Water Safety—and had a wonderful time interacting with and educating children and their caregivers about ways to stay safe. Below are some pictures that highlight our stations at the event.


For the poison station, we created a flip chart with the title “Can YOU Tell the difference- Candy or Poison?” There were eight total medications and similar candy counterparts. Some examples were Mentos and anti-acid chews, aspirin and Altoids, and regular chocolate versus ex-lax (a chocolate laxative). Many of the parents were shocked to realize how similar the candy was to the medication!


Our bike safety station was a “Spot the Differences” activity that compared and contrasted behaviors that are safe versus those that are unsafe while riding a bicycle. There were two pictures of a girl on her bike, and the kids had to compare the pictures and decide which pictured girl was safe and which was unsafe.


For our water safety station, we had a bucket filled with rubber duckies that were numbered on the bottom, corresponding to a water safety question. Participants selected a duck and answered the associated question, testing their water safety knowledge.

In addition to our event, there have been many other Safe Kids Day celebrations happening throughout the state. Here are a few pictures from our Safe Kids Cherokee coalition. Safe Kids Cherokee hosted its annual Safe Kids Day event at Lowes. There was a free car seat safety inspection station and other activities.



Our Safe Kids Gainesville/Hall coalition hosted their annual Safe Kids Week. Read this news article to learn about the amazing work our coordinator is doing in her county and here are a few pictures as well.



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