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From the Summer 2018 Interns:

 “We loved working at Safe Kids Georgia this summer! From public health to non-profit work, we learned so much and the experience we gained from this opportunity will be invaluable to our futures. We wish the next group of interns the best of luck and hope you enjoy your time here as much as we did!”

Check out more about us and our favorite parts of the summer below!


Anna Wright

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2018

Favorite Project: My favorite project I worked on was research for the Teens in the Drivers Seat Program because I was able to match up the TDS curriculum with certain high school courses offered in the state of Georgia.

Favorite Event: My favorite event was the Georgia Fire Safety Symposium at the Public Safety Training Center. This event allowed me to explore my interest in sales through advocating for Safe Kids Georgia. Read more about the experience here!

The Best Part: The best part about interning with Safe Kids Georgia was the flexibility. The team was very open to any ideas or projects I wanted to work on during my internship in order to help me get the best experience possible.


Apoorva Kommajosula

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion w/ emphasis in Health Services, May 2019

Favorite Project: I worked on making the Trauma Educational newsletters and it was really nice to see weeks of hard work come to fruition! 

Favorite Event: Georgia Poison Center — it was just such a cool experience to be able to tour the facility and learn more about how the Georgia Poison Center functions on a daily basis to help protect lives of many! Read more about the experience here!

The Best Part: I truly enjoyed interning at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta this summer and I think the best part for me was getting to know the other interns and employees here! Everyone has been very welcoming and extremely helpful which has made the experience definitely worthwhile. 


Nadim Shake

2nd Year MPH candidate, University of Georgia, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, December 2018

Speech w/ minor in Sociology, Georgia State University, December 2015

Favorite Project: My favorite project was preparing for the Med Kids presentation/ exercises for the middle schoolers because we actually got to see the results of the hard work we do exude from the children. It was well worth it when we saw how much they enjoyed the Safety Musical Chairs and Billboard Contest.

Favorite Event: Med Kids; it was refreshing to see the middle schoolers at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston showing so much cooperation and enthusiasm with the activities we had for them. Read more about the experience here! 

The Best Part: It was definitely having the positive and supportive work culture. It was the perfect equilibrium between mentorship, independent work, team initiatives and having fun while doing it!


Sydney Csukas

Junior, University of Georgia, Marketing & International Business, May 2020

Favorite Project: I loved working on the blog and social media calendar for Safe Kids Georgia. I got to work with and learn from team members about so many different facets of marketing.

Favorite Event: My favorite thing we did this summer was visit the Safety Town at Safe Kids Cherokee. It was put together really well and I enjoyed seeing the great things one of the coalitons was doing! Read more about the experience here!

The Best Part: The best part about working at Safe Kids Georgia is the people! Everyone here is so kind and willing to help you reach your full potential.

If you are in the Atlanta area, join us for the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Digital Dash 5k on August 25th. A signature event that benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Bert’s Big Adventure!

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