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From the Summer 2019 Interns:

“We all had a great time at Safe Kids Georgia! We look forward to using the skills we learned throughout our internship here in our future careers. We wish the future group of interns the best of luck and hope that they enjoy their time here as well!”

Check out more about us and our favorite parts of the summer below!

Amina Omar

MPH candidate, University of Georgia, Health Promotion & Accounting, May 2021

Favorite Project: My favorite project was creating marketing materials for the various events that happened over the summer. I enjoyed creating flyers and other promotional materials that were used to spread the word about the events that Safe Kids was part of.
Favorite Event: My favorite event was the MedKids event at Egleston Hospital. I enjoyed getting to go out and getting to interact with middle school students. It was interesting to see what the students already knew about safety and seeing them try to connect various safety tips to their everyday life. Read more about this experience here!
The Best Part: The best part of my experience here has been the staff. Everyone is extremely supportive and helpful. 

Bridgette Fox

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, August 2019

Favorite Project: 2018 Annual Report. Check it out here! I really liked analyzing the data and highlighting the accomplishments of Safe Kids Georgia.
Favorite Event: Fourth of July Media Blitz at Lake Lanier. Read about the event here! Even though it was a hot day and I couldn’t actually get in the lake, it was fun to see so many agencies come together and advocate for the safety of kids and their families for the Fourth of July.
The Best Part: All the people I got to meet! I was able to meet and form relationships with an array of first responders and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta staff who all play key roles in keeping children safe at home, at play, and on the way.

Debbie Mekonnen

Senior, University of Georgia, Health Promotion, May 2019

Favorite Project: My favorite project was preparing for the MedKids event. We spent weeks creating the games and activities and practiced multiple times to work out all the kinks. I felt that we were very receptive of each other which is what made this project so fun! Read more about the event here!
Favorite Event: MedKids; I loved seeing how engaged the kids were when playing our trivia game and the Safety Poster activity we had planned out for them! It was humbling to see our vision come to life for this event.
The Best Part: Getting to work closely with everyone on Safe Kids Georgia team. By the end of my internship, I felt that we were all a family and I know that I can always rely on them!


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